Terms & Conditions

1. The Horse owner warrants that the Horse is in a general state of good health and free from any infectious diseases at the commencement of the livery agreement and that the horse is of reasonable demeanor and temperament.
2. Owner's are wholly and solely responsible for the welfare of the horse for daily inspection, feeding, watering, vaccinations & general care of their horse unless otherwise agreed with Crickton Farm Livery Yard.
3. Crickton Farm Livery Yard cannot accept liability for injury or illness to either the horse or the owner/rider, howsoever caused, while at livery and using the farms facilities.
4. Correct riding wear must be worn when using the facilities at Crickton Farm Livery Yard; riders are solely responsible for ensure all riding equipment is of the necessary current BSI standard.
5. In the event of emergency, injury or illness, horses will be treated at the discretion of Crickton Farm Livery Yard, either a veterinary surgeon of their choice or one nominated by the Owner . Owners are directly responsible for paying all expenses incurred for veterinary visits, examinations, treatments and medicines.
6. The Horse owner or representative is expected to be at Crickton Farm Livery Yard for any visits from the Farrier/Vet etc to ensure your horse is handled safely.
7. Crickton Farm Livery Yard reserves the right to terminate this agreement in the event of a justifiable cause, including payments being overdue.<

1. All livery fees are payable monthly in advance, the first payment being due on the horses arrival.
2. Livery charges and all other expenses will be invoiced monthly and become due for payment within 7 days of the invoice date.
3. All accounts will be paid up to date before the horse is allowed to leave the yard.
4. One months notice of leaving is required with payment due in lieu if depoarting in less than a month.

Grass Managment
1. Paddocks are expected to be cleared of droppings at least once a month.
2. All hay, haylage and straw must be purchased from Crickton Farm.>

1. Should a livery horse cause major damage to property or equipment at Crickton Farm Livery Yard & Crickton Farm Ltd the cost of repair may be re-invoiced to the owner on the next monthly livery bill.
2. Normal wear and tear will be covered by Crickton Farm Livery Yard.

It is our recommendation that the owner/rider seek appropriate insurance for their horse and personal equipment inclusive of tack.

To note Crickton Farm Livery Yard is located within Crickton Farm Ltd which is a working arable farm; as such machinery will be moving around the yard and surrounding fields. Care will be taken when horses are being handled but we ask that you respect the movements of the proprietor and the day to day running of the farm.

All Clients that will be either handling or riding horses at Crickton Farm Livery Yard are required to sign a disclaimer agreement before doing so.